Our Location

Our organisation with vineyards is located in Schlossberg bei Leutschach a. d. Weinstraße in Southern Styria. It is six hectars of area of vines organised in 3 parts with exposure to the south and southwest on a sea level of 390 - 480 metres.

It forms a vineyard called Hohenegg (-H-) and is named after a chapel that overlooks our wines from the top of the hills.

Our soil is so called lime marl- a calciferous, sandy argillaceous land with diverse minerals such as biogenic materials or mica. It is also called "Opok", a term that is colloquially derived and that means "packed together".

There are 2500 to 5000 vine stocks on each hectar of land, the natural harvest for each is approximately 3000 kilogramms.

The soil is covered by grasses, flowers and wild herbs and is mulched twice a year. The grapes are small, firm and aromatic as defined by the characteristics of the soil.