Our wines are crafted, authentic and natural. They mature in small wooden barrels, are minimally sulphurated and vegan without supplementary ingredients. They get spontaneously fermented, acid degradation happens biologically. Starting September 5th the first SULPHUR FREE WINES (no added sulphur) will be available! They are very fine food encores and provide great joy even after many years of storage.





Linie von Opok

Wine from Opok

The soil of this geographical area is argillaceous, the wines have a floral note, with fine minerality and slightly lighter in alcohol concentration. All wines are stored in barrels for at least one year and are extra dry.

Linie von Hohenegg

Wine from Hohenegg

The wines of this area derive from the barren Opok- soil, the grapes are slightly smaller and harvested later than others. These wines are also extra-dry, with high minerality and herbaceous notes. They mature in partially new, small and larger wooden barrels for two to three years. Great potential for storage!


Orange Wines

Orange wines are strained and fermented on the mash. Tannins and colour pigments are responsible for the dark amber colour of these wines, which are in maceration from a few days up to weeks until turning into "Most". After 4 years of maturation in the cask they are filled up with minimal sulfurisation.


Sparkling Wines