Taste of Life

Schmecke das Leben

is a community of five Styrian winemakers. Five winemakers and individualists who live their dream.

Their common way to reach a full understanding of nature led them to a new lifestyle and a new style of wine.

The wines are crafted by a respectful and sustainable treatment of soil and vine stocks. Aromas are allowed to change and develop accordingly.

In this way, there are new horizons created in the joy of tasting wines- lively, soulful wines. They give the impulse to taste and experience life within the wine. Taste life through wine, as authentic as nature created it.

These wines are a piece of life, a precious essence for diverse and sensual experiences.

More information here: www.schmecke-das-leben.at

our partner organisations:

www.weingutmuster.com    Sepp and Maria Muster

www.at-weine.at              Andreas and Elisabeth Tscheppe

www.werlitsch.com            Ewald and Brigitte Tscheppe

www.strohmeier.at            Franz and Christine Strohmeier