Representation of Energies in our Wines

Fire, earth, water and air are the 4 elements of European culture and the prerequisites for all life...


Fire, earth, water and air are the four elements of European culture and the perequisites for all life. The more light and liveliness the wine contains, the more colour you can find in its graphical representation.

The element of fire (red) is a representation for liveliness and strength of the wine. Through drinking we nurture our organism with vitality.

The element of water (blue) represents the soil, it is the heaviest element and forms the material basis. The vine stock is rooted in the soil and contains the seed for the spiritual direction, similar to the yin-yang symbol.

The element water (green) stands for the mental change, purity, clarity and depth of the wine (psyche).

The element air stands for the solid structure of the wine that derives from the depth of the soil. This element supports our communication and can open the doors to the spiritual world. The energetic characteristics of our wine is round and harmonic, it opens the door to mind and soul, supports vitality and is rooted in the ground. All four elements are strongly represented, the shadows are are restrained and fulfill their tasks in the background.

Freely translated from the following source: Elisabeth Tauß, Radiästhetische Forschung und Ausbildung, Nibelungengasse 24, 8010 Graz