Natural Resort Southern Styria Wine Area

We are partners of the Natural Resorts, because

  • we consider the concerns of our natural resort as good and important and seek to support these. They include the cultivation of our landscape, the protection of our environment and the educating in understanding and experiencing our nature
  • we acknowledge that we cultivate and preserve our biodiversity through the ecological treatment of our land.
     Fruit tree meadows and mowing of meadows twice a year creates a colourful diversity in plants and animals. On the barren soils in the vineyard we only harvest the amount of grapes that the soil can nurture, without fertilizer and pesticides. We consider nature as our biggest treasure and we aim to save it for future generations.
  • want to preserve a healthy space for living, for movement and healthy food. Our workspace is space for relaxation at the same time.
  • we see it as our task to invite guests into our space of relaxation and to point them to the peculiarities around our vineyard. Looking, smelling, feeling, tasting: so many things are there to explore.

a few natural treasures in our winery:

More Nature Park gems in the South Styrian Wine Country:

  • Hl. Geist-Klamm und Schloßberger Mühlen
  • Altenbachklamm
  • Demmerkogel
  • Attemsmoor
  • Remschnigg-Alm
  • Kreuzbergwarte
  • Geo-Wanderung und Schaukanzel