Schedule 2016

  • "A journey of discovery into the biodynamic winery Tauss"

    From the wine garden over the cellar into the glass. Including Snacks.
    Takes about 4 hours and begins: 15:00 (14th May at 10:00) with registration by phone. Price per person: 29,- Euro 

    Events: 6th April, 14th May (at 10:00) 23rd July and 20th August


    26th - 30th October 2016    

    Integrative Training & Inner Work by Wilkening

    Vitalizing program for prevention & regeneration of back and joint problems and stress-related illnesses


    • 9th - 11th April 2016: Presentation in the Villa Favorita in Vicenza by
    • 29th November 2016: Orange Wine Festival in Izola at the Slovenian coast
    • 27th November 2016: RAW Berlin


    Subject: Orange Wine: Here you can view a very informative film about winemaking and the philosophy of this mash fermented white wine, by Pedro Hofmann and Egon Berger.


    Our organic certification for agriculture and the catering sector.